Life is an invitation for us to fully embody our spirit, a birthing from the universal creation energies into form. We are Divine Light and Divine Love, this is a sacred gift available to each and every human being. We have come here to heal the energies that became distorted by our experiences, which limited our beliefs and our true potential.  Believing we are separate from Source, the Earth, or any other being has resulted in living in fear, feeling unfulfilled and stuck. A reality based on an Us vs Them mentality perpetuates the chaos, pain and suffering. This has been the reality in which humanity has been held captive for centuries. The good news is, change IS possible and it starts with you, right in this very moment.

Imagine a life where LOVE is the pulse to your thoughts, actions, beliefs and desires. Imagine this love in its purest form and highest potential - LOVE without any attachments, limitations, judgements, fears or separation. Imagine BEing, moving, creating and expressing in this state of LOVE, while holding this essential intention for ALL beings.  Imagine embodying this as your sacred, authentic nature.


Reiki - Synergy - Ascended Masters - Crystals - Singing Bowls and Sound

In each healing session Julie uniquely blends a variety of powerful healing modalities - Reiki, Synergy, Sound, Crystals, Singing Bowls, Ascended Masters frequencies along with her intuitive gifts and guidance.  Her clients experience relief from pain, trauma, tension and limiting beliefs. Their emotional well-being is supported and restored. They receive relief, clarity, and guidance as they come into the alignment and strength of the Soul. By offering a space of unconditional love and acceptance, each client finds their way to embodying the divine truth of their being, freeing them of limitation, pain and suffering. 

About Julie:

Through her own healing journey, Julie has blossomed into a gifted Intuitive Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Sound Channel, Universal Rays Practitioner, Synergist and Reiki Master Teacher. She has dedicated her life’s work to nourish, support and guide the soul to embrace its Divine Nature, its true God Essence. Working with her clients she has the ability to tune in, and attune the frequencies of the energy bodies, weaving in the higher consciousness of the Ascended Masters, Angelic and Archangelic Realms, Ancient Earth Mothers, as well as the pranic energies of Mother Gaia. This multi-faceted healing lifts limitations and karma while shifting and elevating consciousness.

Julie is committed to helping her clients find and expand the light and wisdom of their soul. She honors each clients unique journey, life experiences and individual expressions. She understands the value and great teachings that come when we acknowledge, transform and accept our struggles, pains, and discomforts as opportunities to grow and evolve.

Julie is a passionate wayshower, lightworker, Priestess and loving channel who brings wisdom and light deep into the places that seek oneness and healing. Clients appreciate her natural ability to offer a compassionate and broader perspective relating to their concerns or issues. This is a tangible support that opens the pathways to becoming more loving and accepting of oneself. A secure and reliable foundation of Divine Truth for the Souls Path of enlightenment and oneness progresses with each session.

A healing session with Julie will help you:

  • Relieve tension, trauma and pain

  • Release blocks and limiting beliefs

  • Restore emotional balance and well-being

  • Offer clarity, guidance and support

  • Encourage faith, hope, peace and ease

  • Embody your spiritual wisdom and strength

Julie is deeply committed to her spiritual growth, passionate about bringing light to the world, playful and kind hearted. She enjoys connecting with her spiritual community/family, loves dancing, yoga, cooking, painting, pottery, poetry, crafting and decorating projects.