Women's Heart Circles - Every Thursday evening from 7:30PM - 9:00PM at The Light Within Us

Life is a Group Experience!

Our heart circles are a safe and welcoming social environment that helps you establish your purpose, awaken to the potency of your true desires, create greater joy with ease and grace, authentically express your unique creativity, develop deeper and more meaningful connections within your relationships, and supports you in being seen, heard, acknowledged and appreciated.

We will practice powerful moving meditations that will generate quick, effective, positive transformation - dissolving conditioning, resistances and limiting beliefs. 

This class is for women who:
Are committed to their path of personal and spiritual growth. 
Want more joy, love, peace and grace in their lives.  
Are seeking connection a safe and welcoming community.
Are wanting to increase their physical and energetic presence to gain the attention they want, both personally and professionally.
Want to feel more comfortable and safe within your sensuality.
Wish to be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others.
Appreciate following their body's wisdom and higher guidance.
Want to feel more confident and radiant when they walk into a room.

These practices are a holistic approach to women’s leadership and personal development. It teaches women to be seen and heard in a way that is powerful AND feminine. 
We are creating supportive communities of empowered women who are stepping into their authentic and empowered selves, lovingly and courageously.

Many of the women who attend these classes are ready and motivated to positively impact their careers, to build lasting, loving, healthy and strong relationships, nurture our environment and significantly influence change within communities.