The Art Of Feminine Presence offers powerful moving meditations that generate quick, effective, positive transformation. These practices help you fully awaken your potential, embody your Feminine wisdom and gifts, be seen, be heard and inspire change. 


In The Art Of Feminine Presence practices you will discover tools you can use to: 


• Increase your physical and energetic presence to gain the attention you want, personally and professionally. 

• Feel more comfortable and safe within your sensuality

• Experience more passion in your life and awaken your potential

• Be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others

• Learn to follow your body's wisdom and higher guidance

• Look and feel more confident and radiant when you walk into a room. 

With several powerful moving meditation practices you can easily access profound states of peace, love and infinite creative power.

The world needs strong, positive feminine role models who are courageous enough to speak their truth and live the life they desire. ~ Rachel Jayne Groover

Many women have not pursued their true desires and ambitions, and are tolerating less than harmonious relationships, unfulfilling jobs, or feel lost and empty inside. This often leads to the exploration of personal and spiritual growth. While on this journey, many women remain stuck or are unable to free themselves from old beliefs, habits and patterns of thinking and feeling. Underneath these old feelings and thoughts they feel pulsed to share their gifts with the world and make a significant difference. Yet, they are scared, nervous and anxious to move beyond their comfort zone because they fear judgment from others or it seems too overwhelming.

The Art of Feminine Presence practices are a holistic approach to women’s leadership and personal development.  It teaches women to be seen and heard in a way that is powerful AND feminine. It creates supportive communities of empowered women who are stepping into this courageously. Many of the women who attend these classes are wise and intuitive, sensitive and strong, creative and powerful, loving and courageous, inspiring and healing leaders. They are ready and motivated to positively impact their careers, to build lasting, loving, healthy and strong relationships, nurture our environment and significantly influence change within communities. 

When inspired women gather we can imagine AND create a world with balanced feminine principles and masculine principles -  A world in which women are equally honored and valued in business, in leadership, in relationships, in society.

To create a positive world-wide shift, we must learn to amplify our inner strength, maintain its integrity and have the ability to not be thrown off our center. The Art of Feminine Presence practices will help you achieve this.

The 44 Art Of Feminine practices are taught within sacred circles of women group classes, held on Thursday evenings from 7 PM - 9:30 PM.  Individual and private AFP coaching sessions are available by appointment.