We are all soul-embodied human beings with a crystalline energetic structure that is connected to the grid work of the planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe.  As the energy and consciousness of our planetary system evolves, our ability to access, understand, and make enlightened choices has been expanded through our energy bodies and auric field. 

A Crystal Healing session uses the energetic structures of the minerals to realign, recalibrate, accelerate and expand the energetic fields of the body into a fifth dimensional resonance. It also assists and supports the 3rd dimensional chakra columns transition into the 5th dimensional resonance. 

Minerals are living energetic crystals that are useful and important during our ascension process.  They support our ability to shift from 3rd dimensional living into 5th dimensional consciousness.  Third dimensional living is based on fear and separation. Fifth dimensional consciousness is based on unconditional love, creative collaboration, joy, peace, graceful abundance, gender unity and a deep commitment to service to the planet. The fifth dimension is a peaceful connection promoting graceful expansion.  In order to achieve this higher consciousness humans must embody unconditional loving, and then peace comes alive.  This requires creative collaboration among those committed to serving the highest good of all.  Every kingdom of nature is included in creative collaboration because harmony and balance are keys to peaceful living for every creature who supports life on Earth.  When collaboration is creative and committed to service, graceful abundance and joyful living are the outcome for the well-being of every being is the goal.  Happy beings live happy lives and contribute from their joy.