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RED TENT - The Infinite Heart

  • North Haledon, NJ USA (map)

The RED TENT TEMPLE of North JerseyThe Spiral of Connection
The Infinite Heart
The journey around the spiral brings us to this months offering to experience the Heart in its infinite wisdom through sound and meditation. As I prepare this announcement, I'm inspired to share questions with you that I ask myself on a daily basis as I expand my own sense of self love and what and how it flows in my own body and then spirals out into the world in my relationships.
What color is my heart today? What is your relationship with your own heart? Do you express your heart fully? How in tune are you to your own heart? What is your hearts desire today?

One of my hearts delights is to connect people with each other. When I met this months WiseWoman, Julie Connor, at a RED TENT ritual our hearts met first. Without any words exchanged for at least an hour, I was able to listen deeply with my heart, womb and soul and experienced this woman in her BE-ingnes. 
Please say yes and allow yourself to receive this beautiful BE-ing of sound healing.
Sunday, March 12, 20174-7 PM in North Haledon, NJ

Featuring the WiseWoman Wisdom of Julie Connor.

Using her voice and crystal bowls, Julie offers sacred healing sound transmissions to elevate your consciousness and open your heart to self Love.
Julie Connor is an Intuitive Spiritual Teacher, Sound Channel, Universal Rays Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. She has dedicated her life’s work to nourish, support and guide the soul to embrace its Divine Nature, its true God Essence. Working with her clients she has the ability to tune in, and attune the frequencies of the energy bodies, weaving in the higher consciousness of the Ascended Masters, Angelic and Archangelic Realms, Ancient Earth Mothers, as well as the pranic energies of the Mother Gaia. This multi-faceted healing lifts limitations and karma while shifting and elevating consciousness.
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