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Resolving Karma with the Sacred Violet Flame

  • The Light Within Us 64 Theodore Roosevelt Drive Blauvelt, NY, 10913 United States (map)

he energies that we have been experiencing these past few months have been pretty intense, as this energy is seeking resolve and transformation. The Violet Flame is the most physical of all the spiritual flames. When we invoke it, transmutation occurs on all levels of our being. It literally erases burdens in our body and clears negative thoughts, feelings, contracts, agreements and programs that cycle through our relationships and our lives.

The violet flame expels toxins lodged in our physical organs, transmutes karma and traumas of our present and past lives recorded in our etheric, mental, astral, emotional and physical bodies.

The Violet Flame of St. Germain transmutes and raises the frequency of all discordant energy into vibrations of healing and harmony. 

Following the Invocation of the Violet Flame meditation there will be a 60 minute Reiki share, where everyone will have an opportunity to receive Reiki healing energy.