Universal Rays Healing

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Universal Rays Healing

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Universal Rays Healing is a powerful transformational healing process that is offered through contact with the Ascended Masters of Light.  This is a healing process that assists you to shift your consciousness and release old karmic energy that limits or blocks you on some level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

The first session of UR Healing also offers a Soul Reading where you are guided to discover what rays you are born on and what your soul mission is in life, as well as what energy drives you to make the decisions that you choose to make.


  • Helps you to see your mission and purpose in this life
  • Aligns you to your original Divine plan
  • Brings balance and harmony to your being and to your life
  • Raises your frequency and awareness
  • Opens and activates you chakras
  • Balances your meridians and energy pathways
  • Addresses imbalances of the energy and wounds that need to be resolved
  • Opens the gateways of communication to your higher self and universal consciousness
  • Releases old karma and attachments
  • Offers guidance for your life

When you are in alignment with your original creation energy then you are able to step fully into your Mastery on the Earth without the limitation of physical dis-ease, mental illusions, emotional resistance, or unresolved karma.