Spiritual Courses:

In our quest for a more spiritual life we many times will seek assistance.  I have been very fortunate for the last two years to be involved with The Light within US lead by Julie Connor.  Her guidance and knowledge has opened doors of understanding and provided techniques on how to use our own intuitive abilities to reach spiritual goals that may seem unimaginable.

I have completed two 10 month spiritual courses, which have proved to be life changing for me. 

I am also a Reiki Master under the tutelage of Julie.

The Light Within Us community has proved to be a safe place to honor all that we are.  I feel very fortunate to be part of this amazing group of people.  With open arms I invite you to join us!

Carole V.

Julie is simply the best.  She is clearly deeply steeped in the teachings. She functions at an extraordinarily high level of understanding and communication.  She is definitely high frequency - tapped in, tuned in and turned on! 

Elenor L. 

Julie is a fantastic teacher. Her enthusiasm for the course, along with her clear explanations, translated into me wanting to continue on the PATH when I was feeling resistance. She was always excited by all the course had to teach us and completely conveyed this at each lesson. Her weekly summary emails and profound sharing were quite insightful and always helpful. There were so many incredible practical tools and teachings to use in our daily lives.

What I appreciated most about Julie was her sincerity and absolute belief that this work truly supports our path to enlightenment.

Bonnie B.

I always felt 100% supported by Julie and the other students throughout the entire length of the 10 month course.  They became my spiritual family and continue to be the most wonderful people in my life. I know that that I can always count on them to for support at anytime.

Julie is the best teacher ever! You always know that she deeply cares for you. She always finds the perfect words to help each student gain a deeper understanding of the work and of themselves.  She does this with abundant patience, compassion, and wisdom. She creates a space so that each student s held in a container of love and wisdom. This creates comfort and space for the students to be authentic, vulnerable and true to themselves. 

I am eternally grateful for Julie and my soul siSTARS!

Carmen L.

Wedding Officiant:

Julie Connor officiated our marriage ceremony and gave us so much more than we could have hoped for. Upon meeting Julie, one immediately is aware of the light, love, and genuine goodness that radiates from her.  Given this, it was the obvious choice to ask Julie to bless and sanctify our union. In addition to Julie’s inspiring spiritual connection, she offers a strong and grounded foundation, and has a seemingly innate ability to organize and lead. She guided us through the process of creating our ceremony by asking thoughtful questions and presenting ideas to consider. Through meetings and correspondences, Julie helped us create an individualized, unique ceremony that fully resonated with who we are as individuals and as a couple. Julie was able to both guide our hand and take our lead, which made for an experience that our family and friends referred to as “magical” “breathtaking” and “full of joy!” We are forever grateful for Julie being at the heart of the most wonderful day of our lives.

Lauren and Jason Debiak, Ridgewood NJ

Whether you've known her for a lifetime, or you've only just met her, Julie has a natural gift of making you feel like family. This is just how you want to feel during the most intimate moment of your life, your Wedding ceremony. She has a warmth and calmness about her that makes you forget that you are standing in front of hundreds of people. You can tell how much she simply loves LOVE by the joy that exudes from her while she is officiating. 

While most wedding ceremonies are generic, stale and cookie cutter, this is NOT what you'll experience if Julie is officiating your ceremony. She is a magical wordsmith, who is guaranteed to make any wedding ceremony unique and memorable for you and your guests. 

I can't thank Julie enough for the role she played in making my wedding dreams come true.

Amanda and Michael Lanzo, Milford CT

The words, imagery, and poetry created for our ceremony, as well as Julie’s comforting presence, far exceeded all expectations we had for our special day. Julie went above and beyond, creating a ceremony that captured our unique love story. We received so many compliments during our reception, even several days and weeks after.

We thank you a million times for the most amazing ceremony and memorable start to our lives as the Tanman’s

Kristin and Alex Tanman

Healing Sessions:

The combination of physical and spiritual knowledge that Julie brings to her work makes her a very special healer. In the year since my session, her healing of a rift in my spiritual energy system has given me access to seemingly unlimited creativity and confidence. My entire life is on a new path now.

Kate B.


Julie's intuitive touch radiates healing on all levels — physical, emotional, and spiritual. The Reiki sessions have had a profound impact on my health and well- being. Every session is unique and exactly what I need!

Sally D.


I can only imagine that the loving, healing presence that I feel during my Reiki sessions could only compare to what a child feels when wrapped in its mother's arms — pure unconditional healing love.”

Joseph B.