Reiki is a gentle ancient hands-on healing technique that reduces stress, quiets the mind and accelerates the body's natural healing process. Reiki creates emotional balance, helps relieves physical pain, opens the pathway to your higher consciousness and intuition, reduces blood pressure, increases mental clarity, supports immune function and connects you deeply with spirit.Clients lay on a massage table, fully clothed, while relaxing music plays in the background. The Reiki practitioner gently places their hands on and above the body of the client, offering healing, balancing and deep relaxation.

Julie is committed to helping her clients build a strong and reliable foundation of safety, love, wisdom and awareness. These become authentic, internal resources that encourage self healing and promote wellness and well-being . Her presence provides support, comfort, ancient spiritual wisdom, unconditional love and acceptance.  

In addition to offering private Reiki healing sessions, distant healing sessions and weekly Reiki shares, Julie teaches all levels of Reiki Certifications - Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, Reiki Master Attunement and Reiki Master Teacher.