What is your souls purpose and mission? What are the cosmic energies held in within all parts of your being?  Are you aligned with the universal wisdom and support that is available to you?

When we are not in alignment with our souls purpose we can experience depression, lack of abundance, anger, fear, rejection, relationship challenges as well as physical and mental illness and disease. 

A Soul Path reading is approximately 2 hours long, offering insight and understanding to the energies that influence your soul, ego, soul group, mental, physical, emotional, and genetic bodies. You gain a deeper understanding of the consciousness that your soul has come to experience and/or master in this lifetime. This information helps you to recognize and through your own awareness, realign to our soul's purpose, while offering support for you to work with the highest potential of these energies. 


This work is based on the principles of the Universal Rays Healing, which is channeled by an embodied Ascended Master channel, Ishtar.