Synergy use a unique combination of talk, listening touch and gentle movement. This exceptional healing modality supports clients in releasing traumas and pains that had become trapped in the body, which have taken physical form and molded the way we move, think, behave and believe. Unpleasant memories and traumas often reveal themselves as tension, pain, restriction, fear, phobia, destructive habitual patterns, illness and disease and prevent us from living fully with joy, comfort and ease. 

Julie supports her clients to reconnect to the strength, wisdom and support of their soul. She holds the light of sacred exploration.  This light offers hope, resolution and release from the dark energies of trauma, negative thoughts and emotional turmoil.  When these energies are released and healed, clients can embody feelings of comfort, safety, support, connection and protection. Synergy teaches the value of listening to the infinite wisdom of their bodies, helping to build strong foundations of internal and external resources that support ones healing journey.

Synergy is an alchemist and offers insight into your life.  Connections are made from life experiences to  behaviors, habits and beliefs, both positively and negatively. This insight encourages and reinforces opportunities for positive changes, transforming fears to joy, limiting beliefs into positive affirmations and emotional trauma into emotional freedom and well-being. Julie's clients continue to enjoy the lasting benefits Synergy as they create healthier ways of thinking, feeling, moving and being!  

Your body is not just a vehicle for your life, but a gentle guide, important teacher, dependable friend, and the most reliable resource of information.

It is also the home to your soul. 

In 2012 after completing a 4 year training with the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute, Julie gained a deeper understanding of the body-mind connection. This created reverence and respect for the stories and truths that are held within the body.