Universal Rays Healing is a powerful transformational healing process that is offered through contact with the Ascended Masters of Light.  This is a healing process that assists you to shift your consciousness and release old karmic energy that limits or blocks you on some level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

During your first Universal Rays Healing session you'll receive a brief Soul Path Reading; discovering the consciousness that pulses your soul, as well as the energies that drive your thoughts, feelings, relationships and challenges in your life.  

While working with the consciousness of the Ascended Masters, a practitioner will check the energy of the chakras, energy bodies, and meridians. With a gentle hands-on approach the consciousness of the Ascended Masters, aligned to specific rays, are sent to various parts of the clients body. This shifts blockages, elevates and shifts consciousness, clears negative programming and brings healing to all of the energy bodies. Pranic energy is also used during a session and is directed to the body where needed.  


  • Helps you to see your mission and purpose in this life
  • Aligns you to your original Divine plan
  • Brings balance and harmony to your being and to your life
  • Raises your frequency and awareness
  • Opens and activates you chakras
  • Balances your meridians and energy pathways
  • Addresses imbalances of the energy and wounds that need to be resolved
  • Opens the gateways of communication to your higher self and universal consciousness
  • Releases old karma and attachments
  • Offers guidance for your life

The energy of the Universal Rays is a divine guide to your highest potential on the Earth. Universal Rays Healing supports your alignment to your true nature so you can follow the path that your soul chose to walk in this lifetime. When you are in resistance or you are not creating with your highest potential, there may be chaos and imbalances in your life on many levels. This can lead to dis-ease, physical pain, failing relationships, anxiety, fear, unhappiness, inability to focus and mental and physical exhaustion. When you are in alignment with this consciousness and its highest potential, miracles can and do occur in your life. This happens when you begin to understand, embrace and accept your self mastery on the Earth. Your true nature is here to explore and enjoy all that which it creates with ease, grace and love. 

This powerful healing therapy also affects the cellular and molecular consciousness of your physical body and your energy bodies to assist all energy that you hold within you to come into alignment with its true mission on the Earth without distortion or illusion.

When you are in alignment with your original creation energy then you are able to step fully into your Mastery on the Earth without the limitation of physical dis-ease, mental illusions, emotional resistance, or unresolved karma.

** A Universal Rays Healing session can not be performed on pregnant women or children under the age of 14.

Universal Rays Healing was channeled by an embodied channel In'Easa Mabu Ishtar:  www.ishtarmasterchannel.com